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I Love them!
I have used your seasonings in soups and on pork chops, chicken, salads, and all types of vegetables including corn. I really like the garlic version. I just wanted to convey that I thought your seasoning is a winner.
Hey Leon — Nice touch! I REALLY appreciate knowing the shipping method you chose. It makes a difference out here in the country. Very few Internet sellers provide that service, which is a shame…. I like it! I'm enjoying your Spikes and Spices. Thanks!!!
The spikes are wonderful. I am very happy I purchased them.
I did purchase your Spud Spikes for several gifts last Christmas. I plan to use the seasoning on my next use of the spikes. When I used the spikes, they worked well, and I was pleased enough I planned to order more. All the kids love baked potatoes and their skins. So, the spikes will definitely get used more.
Yes, I would recommend Spud Spikes to others. They are good for ensuring that large potatoes/sweet potatoes/etc. are done thoroughly in the oven. They are effective for their intended use.
Yes I have used my Spud Spikes. They were not my first set; I liked them so much that I purchased two more sets. The seasoning was good. Thanks!
I use your Spud Spikes frequently and will order more of your seasoning shortly. Do you have larger bottles?
I have used Spud Spikes and LOVE them!

Shopping/Cook Times: The reason that I love them is that I no longer have to be concerned with the size of potatoes or other root veggies that I buy, as I used to when I used small, thin aluminum cooking nails. Cooking times used to be an issue too but I am no longer concerned about the size of the veggies because the metal cooks them from the inside out and the cooking time is kept to a minimum.

Maintenance/Storage: Clean-up is easy because I just wipe the spikes clean and then rinse them with soap and water before storing them back in the tube; because I keep the spikes in a tube, I can easily find them in my kitchen drawer. The spikes hold up to frequent use so I can depend on them to help me make great dishes.

Cost Containment: I haven't yet used the spikes on protein but plan on doing so as the weather cools and we transition from outdoor grilling to using the oven. This way I can contain costs on our electric bill.

Shopping: As we enter the fall season, I plan on buying seasonal veggies, like root vegetables, and baking them to make side dishes. My family loves the taste of beets, rutabaga, parsnips, potatoes, etc., and I love that I can make these dishes in no time!

Thanks for the opportunity to let you know how great your product is and how well it holds up to frequent use. I absolutely recommend that people purchase the spikes as I did—I bought two sets! Thanks!
Loved the spices.
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