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I think the spikes are great and have used them several times! Haven't used the seasoning yet but will sometime in the future.
We use the Spud Spikes probably 2 or 3 times a week! We love them because we are at high altitude and were having trouble with baked potatoes getting done all the way in the middle—and that's cooking them at 450° for 1.25 hours.

Now that we're using the Spud Spikes, the potatoes are back down to around 425° for an hour and they're done in the middle. Thanks so much for designing such a nice product. We'd used a different sort and they weren't as nice as your product and didn't clean up easily—I think they were aluminum.

I have already recommended these to friends and family via Facebook and will continue to do so.

As for the Original Potato Seasoning, my husband really liked it, although I think I might like the garlic blend more. I believe I will order some of those and see how I like the garlic blend.

Thanks again for your products and for checking to see if I liked them. Good luck!
I gave the Spud Spikes as stocking stuffers at Christmas time!!

I thought that the stainless steel spikes would be interesting to give since the recipient had never used the Spud Spikes!!

Anyway, they thought they were great!!!!
These are great to bake potatoes with, cuts down cooking time, and they are the only stainless steel spikes on the market, all the rest are aluminum.
I wasn't aware of stainless steel nails, only aluminum. I purchased both kinds because the aluminum nails often bend using sweet potatoes and the stainless are perfect for them. Thank you very much for the learning experience!!!!!!!!
Spud Spikes are great!
Spud Spikes saved the day! My wife and I were preparing for our dinner guests’ arrival, which was going to be sooner than expected. We needed the potatoes done quickly to time out with the rest of the meal. The spikes worked as advertised... not only did the potatoes cook very quickly, their texture was great!
Since I moved, I have missed my potato nails; someone must have mistaken them for ordinary nails and thrown them away. Anyway, I have been looking and looking for them and finally found your website. I had to have some for me and, of course, some for my grown children. I've used potato spikes in the oven and on gas and charcoal barbecue with wonderful results. Glad I found you!
I like the Spud Spikes, but it is taking some time getting used to the shorter cooking time (I had some very soft potatoes!).
The spikes really speed up the cooking time for baking potatoes.
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