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I like the Spud Spikes, but it is taking some time getting used to the shorter cooking time (I had some very soft potatoes!).
The spikes really speed up the cooking time for baking potatoes.
I received the potato nails yesterday via USPS mail and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they arrived. Thank you very much. I look forward to trying them soon.
Spud Spikes are great! I looked in every kitchen-gourmet-appliance store in central and northern Illinois; half of the clerks didn't know what they were and the other half knew what they were but had no idea where to get them. Finally, I went online and found them with you. I discovered that baked potatoes cook faster and are fluffier if they are baked with two Spud Spikes, not one. Also, it helps to roll the potato in a little oil (peanut, olive, etc.), salt the skin, and then wrap it in foil. I can't believe how good they are! Do you folks have a catalog? I have more potato recipes than a chef.
Last week I ordered Spud Spikes and got them just a few days after we placed the order. For years my wife's mother had us over for Sunday dinner and she baked her potatoes with what she called "potato nails." When she passed away, my wife could not find her mother's nails. So this past Sunday, after many years, we finally had baked potatoes once again that were just perfect. Your nails work great and cook the potatoes perfectly. We luv em'. Very Satisfied Customers!
It was a very easy transaction. We ordered four sets as there was a great deal running on the purchase of two sets at the same time. My mother took three sets home to Kentucky for family and friends. I used my set this week. I love this product so much more than my aluminum nails.
I found the Spud Spikes easy to use. I think they work best when you are baking a lot of potatoes at the same time because they help make the oven more efficient (like a convection oven). I think they make the potatoes a little fluffier. The nails are good quality and don't discolor the potatoes.
We have used the "Spud Spikes" almost weekly. They work quite well. They are fat enough and long enough to conduct the oven's heat thoroughly through any size potato and, because they are stainless steel, they are easy to clean and do not rust or tarnish.
The Spud Spikes were great! The first time I used them, I didn't poke enough holes in the potato and it blew up in the oven. The second time I used them, they were perfect and cooked in about half the time. I use them every time I bake potatoes.
I use the spud spikes mainly for sweet potatoes and they work great!
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