Wow, I have been looking in every store for months. I’ve had a set for many years and depend on them for perfect baked potatoes at home and on the road in our 5th wheel trailer.

Linda C.

As a Family and Consumer Sciences teacher, I teach Chemistry of Foods at a large suburban high school west of Chicago. Spud Spikes are one of the three styles of potato nails I own—and they are the best. One set is fairly lightweight flat aluminum and the nails sometimes bend when inserting. The second style has a fairly large head. However, I like Spud Spikes because of their shiny surface and their length. They go in fairly easily, and as long as the potatoes are truly done, they are not difficult to remove. Spud Spikes are the only ones I use now.

Diane M.

Loved them. Exactly what I was looking for.

David L.
I ordered Spud Spikes around Christmas for my mom. She has used potatonails for as long as I can remember but they broke or were misplaced. I was thrilled to find your product on the web and ordered her a few packs immediately. She was so excited to have them and used them right away. She loves them!
Sara R.

I use the spud spikes mainly for sweet potatoes and they work great!

Dan M.

The Spud Spikes were great! The first time I used them, I didn’t poke enough holes in the potato and it blew up in the oven. The second time I used them, they were perfect and cooked in about half the time. I use them every time I bake potatoes.

Lonnie H.

We have used the “Spud Spikes” almost weekly. They work quite well. They are fat enough and long enough to conduct the oven’s heat thoroughly through any size potato and, because they are stainless steel, they are easy to clean and do not rust or tarnish.

Hank B.

I found the Spud Spikes easy to use. I think they work best when you are baking a lot of potatoes at the same time because they help make the oven more efficient (like a convection oven). I think they make the potatoes a little fluffier. The nails are good quality and don’t discolor the potatoes.

Lucy C.

It was a very easy transaction. We ordered four sets as there was a great deal running on the purchase of two sets at the same time. My mother took three sets home to Kentucky for family and friends. I used my set this week. I love this product so much more than my aluminum nails.

Angela C.

Last week I ordered Spud Spikes and got them just a few days after we placed the order. For years my wife’s mother had us over for Sunday dinner and she baked her potatoes with what she called “potato nails.” When she passed away, my wife could not find her mother’s nails. So this past Sunday, after many years, we finally had baked potatoes once again that were just perfect. Your nails work great and cook the potatoes perfectly. We luv em’. Very Satisfied Customers!

Richard & Nancy K.

Spud Spikes are great! I looked in every kitchen-gourmet-appliance store in central and northern Illinois; half of the clerks didn’t know what they were and the other half knew what they were but had no idea where to get them. Finally, I went online and found them with you. I discovered that baked potatoes cook faster and are fluffier if they are baked with two Spud Spikes, not one. Also, it helps to roll the potato in a little oil (peanut, olive, etc.), salt the skin, and then wrap it in foil. I can’t believe how good they are! Do you folks have a catalog? I have more potato recipes than a chef.

Wanda S.

I received the potato nails yesterday via USPS mail and was pleasantly surprised at how quickly they arrived. Thank you very much. I look forward to trying them soon.

Tom M.

The spikes really speed up the cooking time for baking potatoes.

Beth S.

I like the Spud Spikes, but it is taking some time getting used to the shorter cooking time (I had some very soft potatoes!).

Brenda S.

Since I moved, I have missed my potato nails; someone must have mistaken them for ordinary nails and thrown them away. Anyway, I have been looking and looking for them and finally found your website. I had to have some for me and, of course, some for my grown children. I’ve used potato spikes in the oven and on gas and charcoal barbecue with wonderful results. Glad I found you!

Patricia C.

Spud Spikes saved the day! My wife and I were preparing for our dinner guests’ arrival, which was going to be sooner than expected. We needed the potatoes done quickly to time out with the rest of the meal. The spikes worked as advertised… not only did the potatoes cook very quickly, their texture was great!

Steve C.

Spud Spikes are great!

Camille I.

I wasn’t aware of stainless steel nails, only aluminum. I purchased both kinds because the aluminum nails often bend using sweet potatoes and the stainless are perfect for them. Thank you very much for the learning experience!!!!!!!!

Charlotte B.

These are great to bake potatoes with, cuts down cooking time, and they are the only stainless steel spikes on the market, all the rest are aluminum.

Joyce L.

I gave the Spud Spikes as stocking stuffers at Christmas time!!

I thought that the stainless steel spikes would be interesting to give since the recipient had never used the Spud Spikes!!

Anyway, they thought they were great!!!!

B. P.

We use the Spud Spikes probably 2 or 3 times a week! We love them because we are at high altitude and were having trouble with baked potatoes getting done all the way in the middle—and that’s cooking them at 450° for 1.25 hours.

Now that we’re using the Spud Spikes, the potatoes are back down to around 425° for an hour and they’re done in the middle. Thanks so much for designing such a nice product. We’d used a different sort and they weren’t as nice as your product and didn’t clean up easily—I think they were aluminum.

I have already recommended these to friends and family via Facebook and will continue to do so.

As for the Original Potato Seasoning, my husband really liked it, although I think I might like the garlic blend more. I believe I will order some of those and see how I like the garlic blend.

Thanks again for your products and for checking to see if I liked them. Good luck!

MaryAnn S.

I think the spikes are great and have used them several times! Haven’t used the seasoning yet but will sometime in the future.

Brian D.

Loved the spices.

Beverly S.

I have used Spud Spikes and LOVE them!

Shopping/Cook Times: The reason that I love them is that I no longer have to be concerned with the size of potatoes or other root veggies that I buy, as I used to when I used small, thin aluminum cooking nails. Cooking times used to be an issue too but I am no longer concerned about the size of the veggies because the metal cooks them from the inside out and the cooking time is kept to a minimum.

Maintenance/Storage: Clean-up is easy because I just wipe the spikes clean and then rinse them with soap and water before storing them back in the tube; because I keep the spikes in a tube, I can easily find them in my kitchen drawer. The spikes hold up to frequent use so I can depend on them to help me make great dishes.

Cost Containment: I haven’t yet used the spikes on protein but plan on doing so as the weather cools and we transition from outdoor grilling to using the oven. This way I can contain costs on our electric bill.

Shopping: As we enter the fall season, I plan on buying seasonal veggies, like root vegetables, and baking them to make side dishes. My family loves the taste of beets, rutabaga, parsnips, potatoes, etc., and I love that I can make these dishes in no time!

Thanks for the opportunity to let you know how great your product is and how well it holds up to frequent use. I absolutely recommend that people purchase the spikes as I did—I bought two sets! Thanks!

Sue B.

I use your Spud Spikes frequently and will order more of your seasoning shortly. Do you have larger bottles?

John M.

Yes I have used my Spud Spikes. They were not my first set; I liked them so much that I purchased two more sets. The seasoning was good. Thanks!

Patrick M.

Yes, I would recommend Spud Spikes to others. They are good for ensuring that large potatoes/sweet potatoes/etc. are done thoroughly in the oven. They are effective for their intended use.

Carol T.

I did purchase your Spud Spikes for several gifts last Christmas. I plan to use the seasoning on my next use of the spikes. When I used the spikes, they worked well, and I was pleased enough I planned to order more. All the kids love baked potatoes and their skins. So, the spikes will definitely get used more.

Carole K.

The spikes are wonderful. I am very happy I purchased them.

Roberta H.

Hey Leon — Nice touch! I REALLY appreciate knowing the shipping method you chose. It makes a difference out here in the country. Very few Internet sellers provide that service, which is a shame…. I like it! I’m enjoying your Spikes and Spices. Thanks!!!

Nancy M.

I have used your seasonings in soups and on pork chops, chicken, salads, and all types of vegetables including corn. I really like the garlic version. I just wanted to convey that I thought your seasoning is a winner.

Michael F.

I Love them!

Sharon P.

It’s really surprising how many folks out there don’t know about using a nail to improve baked potato results. Glad we found you guys online. Many stores don’t carry any Spud Spikes products at all. The Spud Spikes we purchased from you worked perfectly. Any cook will like the results when using Spud Spikes.

George C.

Hi Leon! Took your suggestion and baked the potatoes using parchment paper on a small rack on a cookie sheet. Used less spice, and OMG—best potatoes ever!! What a difference baking them this way makes. Now I am anxious to use the other spices! Love this product; everyone needs them!!!

Patty S.

Love the Spud Spikes. Speeds up the baking of the potatoes. My grandson is a runner and is opposed to using the microwave for baking potatoes. Therefore, my daughter was using her oven hours at a time to bake his baked potatoes. The spikes have speeded up this preparation. I would definitely recommend the Spud Spikes.

Kay N.

I got the three seasonings at the Kootenai County Fair, a year or two ago. Wonderful seasonings to place on all different types of foods. Thanks.

Josh H.

I just wanted to thank you personally for a great USA made product!! I am ALWAYS looking for products made in this country as I am proud to be an American and back this country 100%. I try to only buy American, but as you know it is getting close to impossible. I am glad smaller markets are finally starting to manufacture products here again, and I am hoping that market grows on a much larger scale so we can, once again, have more pride in our country. I love your product. I use it every chance I get. A great item for a great price and I thank you, once again, for keeping American going!!

Alice W.

We love baked potatoes, but often forget to put in early enough to cook them the way we like. Using the nails shortens the time it takes to cook as well as just cooking them so much better, anxious to try them in other things in the grill this summer!

Kim G.

They work very well. The potatoes baked faster. I also used them in Brats, made them nice and straight – much easier to brown on all sides.


Great spices & herbs!

John M.

We love the original potato rub. Can’t wait to try the others.

Jean C.

Thank you for making such a quality product, and for producing it in the USA. I loved ours so much that I bought four sets, all for Christmas gifts…and I suspect each of these persons will do the same. Force multiplier!

Karen H.

I have purchased more than once or even twice. I love to give the potato sets and the spices as gifts. I made a mistake on an order once and they fixed it at their expense, even though it was my error. Great product and great service and Fabulous product!

Janis DeBay

I bought the 4 Cone Pack of nuts and the glazed nuts are fabulous !!! I can’t decide which I like best – cashews or almonds or pecans and the lightly salted cashews are yummy, too! Best to buy the variety pack and get all 4 !

Nancy M.