Nashville Kat's Spud Spikes® giveaway on morning talk shows

by Leon Frechette

Nashville Kat discusses a giveaway of our Spud Spikes® and Spud Spikes® Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasonings with three live country radio morning talk shows, and listeners can sign up for the giveaway by visiting her site, Kat, a celebrity in her own right who gets the inside scoop directly from your favorite country stars, has taken an interest in Spud Spikes®, The Original 6-inch Food-Grade Stainless Steel Baking Potato Nails and our Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rubs and Everyday Seasonings. She says it brings back childhood memories of watching her mom bake potatoes using baking nails. Hear what she says about Spud Spikes products by clicking on the bold red links below.

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KRMD, Country 101.1 FM, Shreveport, LA
KRED, Big Red Country 92.3 FM, Eureka, CA
WWJO, 98 Country 98.1 FM, St. Cloud, MN