SPOKANE, Wash., Dec. 6, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Don’t be fooled by inferior aluminum potato nails. They lack the structural strength to pierce a potato and may bend, are too short to be effective, may dry out the potato, and may leave unattractive and unappetizing dark marks in the potato. In addition, exposure to aluminum has raised some health concerns: studies indicate that a small amount of aluminum leaches into food products cooked in aluminum cookware, bakeware, or foil. Are these non-USA manufactured aluminum potato nails safe for your health?

Baking the ultimate baked potato is easier and safer for your health with Spud Spikes® Baked Potato Nails. Made in the U.S., these sleek skewers are constructed of 100 percent 316 food-grade stainless steel and have the structural strength to pierce a potato. Spud Spikes help produce well-baked potatoes in less time because once they are inserted in potatoes and placed in the oven, they become instant heat conductors. Cooking time is reduced* because they disperse heat evenly throughout the potatoes. A conventional oven takes 90 to 120 minutes or longer to bake a potato, but Spud Spikes reduce that time to approximately 45 minutes or less. (*Reduced cooking time depends on potato variety and size, number of potatoes, method of cooking, and type of oven used—convection or conventional.)

Spud Spikes are not limited to potatoes. They also work great with sweet potatoes, yams, brats, and sausages. Use them in the oven or on the barbecue for cookouts, grilling, and steam-baking. Potato lovers will also find them handy for camping, tailgating, and RV trips.

To enhance the flavor of baked potatoes, try Spud Spikes® Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning with its unique blend of spices. Spray olive oil over an entire potato followed by a gentle sprinkle of seasoning to make the potato skin bake up crisp and flavorful. The result is the ultimate baked potato. Its zesty flavor and crispy skin make the entire potato enjoyable to eat. But don’t stop there—sprinkle the seasoning on brats and sausages before barbecuing to bring out their natural flavors. Spud Spikes Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning is also an all-around flavor enhancer to liven up soups and salads; hard-boiled eggs; steamed vegetables; steaks, chicken, fish, burgers, and ham; and even pizza. Spud Spikes Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning (net wt. 3.2 oz.) has an MSRP of $9.99.

A set of four 6-inch Spud Spikes comes packaged in a space-saving storage tube with cap and bilingual instructions to Baking the Ultimate Potato. Spud Spikes are easy to clean, dishwasher safe, and will not rust. Spud Spikes have an MSRP of $19.99.

To learn more about Spud Spikes, What are Spud Spikes, Baking the Ultimate Potato with Spud Spikes, What customers are saying about Spud Spikes, or for press releases and images, visit www.spudspikes.com. Spud Spikes®, The Original 6″ Food-Grade Stainless Steel Baking Potato Nails and Spud Spikes® Gourmet Original Blend Potato Skin Rub and Everyday Seasoning are exclusive products of C.R.S., Inc., a Spokane, WA, based company.

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